The personality of Golf course is defined by its featured

When someone enters Vistabella Golf for the first time they are due to experience something quite special. You will feel the dedication we hold for it, where every detail is vital for your enjoyment. Discover your golf couse on the Costa Blanca, near Alicante.

The integration of nature and the responsible use of its resources, make Vistabella more than just a golf course, using a unique landscape with more than 34 hectares full of native species of trees and Mediterranean bushes, near Torrevieja, Alicante.  Among them are three majestic pines that make up our logo and which can be seen from practically anywhere on the course.

From the hand of a Golf Champion

Manuel Piñero, former European Tour player Golf and World Cup, Dunhill Golf Cup and Ryder Cup representative for Spain on numerous occasions, has managed to design a really interesting round, constructed in such a way that both the most demanding professionals and amateurs can enjoy in equal measures.

Manuel Piñero has excellent experience in his more than 30 years as a golf player and designer in world golf. At Vistabella golf he has managed to incorporate many of the challenges he has faced as a player in over 500 of the world’s finest courses.

Have you ever dream of a course designed for you?

Campo de golf. Vistabella golf. Complejo deportivo cerca de Torrevieja - Alicante.
Green del campo de golf. Vistabella Golf. Complejo deportivo cerca de Torrevieja - Alicante.

To enjoy every golf shot

In Vistabella Golf there is room for everyone. The course was designed so that each player can enjoy it, adapting the different holes for all levels of players. Its undulating fairways, its strategic bunkers, its testing greens and a large lake, are some of the features that make your round one of the best designed in the area

The 11 holes that start Vistabella Golf allow us to configure an 18 hole golf course, par 73 and nearly 6,000 meters long. It has been designed along the lines of all modern courses with a range of tees to suit every player, broad fairways and challenging bunkers and greens.

We have located different tees to make the holes that much more enjoyable and challenging on your second time round.

The Round

In Vistabella Golf there is space for everyone. The course is designed so that each player can enjoy it from start to finish. Its undulating streets, its strategic bunkers, its lakes, are some of the characteristics that turn its route into one of the most attractive designs in the area, in which each stroke is a challenge and a pleasure for the senses.

The 18 holes of Vistabella Golf, par 72 and more than 6,000 meters in length have been designed following the guidelines of the modern fields with 4 tees of great amplitude in each hole, wide streets and enhanced bunkers.


At Vistabella Golf we want our players to enjoy every moment to the fullest. That is why we give them the best treatment and take care of the smallest detail both in the field and outside of it. These details are what define us and make us who we are. A field with its own personality and a unique character.


How to play Vistabella Golf Course?

Vision global de los hoyos de Vistabella Golf

We leave to offer a preview of our golf course, where you will see hole to hole the different characteristics that make it along with tips and clarifications.

Also, you will find a brief explanation of the different obstacles, bunkers, greens and curves.

Now you can start thinking hole to hole as will be your strategy in the field.

Hole 1/12
hoyo 1 12 vistabella golf alicante _mini

Vista del hoyo 1 y 12 del campo de golf Vistabellla en Alicante.

Your opening hole plays downhill and the bunker is definitely in play off a well struck tee-shot so you may want to consider laying up short of it with a fairway wood or hybrid. There are bunkers everywhere around this green so finding the putting surface is vital – but that is where the fun starts! Your approach shot is deceptive and probably plays one club more than you think.

Hole 2/13
hoyo 2 13 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista del hoyo 2 y 13 del campo de golf Vistabellla en Alicante.

Your drive should be between the mound on the right (beware of the internal OB protecting players coming down the 1st &12th) and the bunker you will see on the left. Anything hit too close to the bunker will be gathered up by it. The second shot is uphill to a dog-leg right elevated green with bunkers guarding the front. The place to miss this green is short left leaving a pitch onto the green. Get on the wrong side of the pin and just may accept an almost inevitable 3-putt.

Hole 3/14
hoyo 3 14 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 3 y 14 del campo de golf Vistabella Alicante

A genuine par 5 for most, although it is possible with a good drive to put the green in range in two shots if you really catch one. Hole plays downhill with bunkers on the right guarding the drive an OB on the left which should not really concern you. Second shot brings water into play so keep well left leaving a short iron approach. Green has water around it and is long but shallow coming in from afar. This is why the approach is better coming in from the left.

Hole 4/15
hoyo 4 15 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 4 y 15 del campo de Golf Vistabella Alicante

Your first par 3 calls for a well struck shot to an elevated green. Heavily bunkered front and left with a very deep swale to the right. Like many greens here it is vital to be on the correct level of this elevated green. If you are going to miss this green play to the right of the front bunkers.

Hole 5/16
hoyo 5 16 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 5 y 16 del campo de golf Vistabella Alicante

En este hoyo no es necesario utilizar el driver, ya que con un hierro 4, puede acabar en un sitio muy similar, debido a la orografía del terreno.

El green elevado y el gran número de bunkers, en su parte frontal e izquierda del green, hace que su aproximación a la bandera sea fundamental para no hacer 3 putts.You should aim to hit your drive well to the left as the ground will bring your ball back to the centre of the fairway. A good drive and a well hit 4 iron can often end up with a similar result due to the lie of the land. The green is elevated from the fairway and heavily bunkered front and left. Again, wrong side of the pin and you will be happy to 3 Putt.

Hole 6/17

hoyo 6 17 vistabella golf alicante_miniLake on the right off elevated tee so take aim on the cart path in the distance on left side of fairway. The fairway will kick everything left to right. Second shot should be a mid-iron at worst with a good drive leaving possibly a wedge. Green heavily bunkered front/left with a mound and swale to the right best avoided. Another green where 2 putts is good. If the pin is back left you can attack it long as the slope should help bring it back.

Hole 7/18
hoyo 7 18 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 7 y 18 del campo de golf Vistabella golf

A good drive can certainly bring the green almost in reach for the big hitters but otherwise a genuine three-shotter for most golfers. The position of your second needs to be well thought out to make the third shot easier, which should be a short iron, coming in from the left. The direct line over the mound is an unnecessary and often costly mistake and you are better to play up to the left. Bunkers guard the front of the green but coming from well positioned second to the left with a short iron should not be too difficult. 

Hole 8
hoyo 8 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 8 del campo de golf vistabella alicante

Plays downhill and can be reached with a long iron on a still day. Bunkers left and right. Not much trouble long but will leave a fast downhill pitch or putt. This is one of the less severe greens but still needs to be treated with respect. There are no gimmes on these greens!

Hole 9
hoyo 9 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 9 del campo de golf Vistabella Alicante

This hole plays downhill with the bunker to the right to be avoided. Another hole where longer hitters don’t use driver but a good tee shot down the left will leave a mid-iron into an elevated green, bunkered on the left. Short right of green has a mound that can work to your advantage and there is a steep slope to the right of the green that will help filter anything hit right back to the putting surface. I would suggest your hit at least one more than you think into this green. Bottom line is – don’t miss this green left!

Hole 10
hoyo 10 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 10 del campo de golf Vistabella alicante

Despite its high stroke index this hole can prove quite difficult if not treated with respect. A well-positioned tee-shot will leave a short to mid iron to the green. However, there are bunkers guarding the front and left and another on the right. There are 3 levels (at least!) to the green, which is possibly 3 clubs different front to back. Whilst this hole is a definite birdie opportunity it is also a hole that can make you look very silly!

Hole 11
hoyo 11 vistabella golf alicante_mini

Vista previa del hoyo 11 del campo de golf Vistabella golf alicante

Take dead aim on the two palms straight ahead as there are bunkers to be avoided short left and long right. Anything leaking too far right will leave you in amongst some mounds that make the second shot very tricky. A good drive will leave an uphill mid to long iron although, depending on the wind, it can require something much longer. The green is very elevated and will generally require at least one more club than you think. By now you will be well used to the greens – and you will need it at this hole!